Although we have experience as PMO and delivery consultant (especially in CRM and Business Intelligence systems implementation), we focus our service offering on providing assistance to managers of Information Systems in the following areas:

Governance and Organisation

We work with you to assess and design governance and organisation schemes to improve decision-making and align IT with your Business goals.

Process modeling and analysis

Building upon an agreed framework such as ITIL and/or CMMI, we model and evaluate your IT processes. This exercise is usually an input to reorganisation, reengineering or a governance review.

Business case and IT scenario assessment

We work with you to build a relevant Business case/ROI model and we carry out the assessment and analysis of scenarios for your project initiative.

We are aware that such assessments are often (if not always) highly sensitive and politically charged activities. We do not intend to teach our clients how to do things. We aim at accompanying them with intellectual integrity while thinking through options with an open mind to produce workable solutions.

Our approach is pragmatic

Consultants tend to be dogmatic, we’ve been there too. Especially those with little experience or who have certifications and see themselves as guardians of orthodox thinking. As much as we respect and appreciate frameworks as means of accelerating analyses and assessments, we see these as general guidelines.

Reality often carries more complexity and nuance. We believe that a pragmatic approach does not have to be intellectually warped. The flexibility this requires of a consultant is a hallmark of experience.

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