Sometimes you need someone to help you think outside the box. One of our clients describing our collaboration said, “Andr√© helps me think”, and that might be just that.

Recently however, prospective clients have approached us for creative services, usually under a confidentiality requirement.

Visual identity and logo design

We have worked with some of our clients to design a logo and define a visual identity for a business relaunch, or in another case, a special investors’ presentation.

Concept Video

To complement an art exhibition with video content, a client approached us to help them develop a conceptual video illustration to help the audience understand the artist’s perspective.

& More.

We aim to blend creativity with conceptual thinking. This could take us anywhere if we work together with you to problem-solve what’s on your mind!

We could have left this page blank: a new box to be filled with collaboration opportunities with you. We’ve decided to mention a few examples here, as an illustration. If you have an issue you’re not sure whom to contact about, maybe we can direct you to the right people or maybe we can collaborate to find a solution.

If this resonates with you, let's talk

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