We are a small IT consultancy based in London and operating internationally

“My ethos is to serve my clients’ best interest with competence and in full confidentiality while maintaining independence. It is my understanding that my job is not simply to provide advice or assistance but to bring to the table skills which actively facilitate positive outcomes.”

André Astovasadourian

Why work with us?


You are looking for an experienced independent professional

Although, we have experience with large audit and consultancy companies, we have no ties to hardware/software editors or large consultancies and no agenda, except to ensure that you are getting a high-value service.


You value competency more than short-term marginal cost-savings

We have come to believe in the value of quality. The current climate tends to be overrun by tactical decisions favouring short-term deals, which create undue stress and provoke organisational myopy as medium to long term impacts are overlooked.

We believe and practise honouring deadlines while focusing on quality deliverables.


Your issue requires confidentiality

Most assignments we have worked on have had some form of confidentiality requirement (product launch, internal organisational IT scenario assessment, listed company rebranding/relaunch, etc.). The more people know about your issue, the least you are assured of keeping a low profile when it counts most… but you know that already.

Get in touch with us knowing that we will honour your concerns.


You need teamplayers

We are open and flexible to discuss the most suited collaboration approach with you, but most often teamplayers improve outcomes simply because collaboration fosters knowledge-sharing and naturally incorporates an iterative self-improvement mechanism.


Service-orientation comes from attentiveness to your concerns

Attentiveness and the ability to listen are a skill that we highly value, both in our personal lives and in a professional context. We believe that service-orientation is a product of that skill. How we organise and arrange service delivery stems from how attentive we are to your needs.

Let's get the ball rolling.

Get in touch with us now and let’s talk about your needs. It might just be a fine conversation or may lead us to a great collaboration. We’re looking forward to hearing from you.